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Antique Maps and Views of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Antique Maps and Views > Europe > Eastern and Southeastern Europe, Balkan > Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina
01298 Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. "Exactissima Ducatus Carniolae Vinidorum Marchiä et Histriae delineatio". Orig. copper-engraving by M. Seutter, Augsburg, ca. 1730. Original old colouring. With great figure title-cartouche, a cartouche with inset map of Cerknica Lake with charubs and a coat-of-arms and another cartouche wit the scale of map and 2 cherubs. 49,5:58 cm (19 1/2 x 22 3/4 inch.).
A map of Slowenia, Istria and northern part of Croatia.
 CZK 9500 / EUR 395
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01632 - "Illiricum". Copper-engraving by P. Bertius published by J. Hondius, 1616-18. With ornamental cartouche. 9,3:13,2 cm.
Koeman III, map 7601:342, ed. 342:01 - A miniature map of Illyricum-it was the Roman province established in place of the former kingdom of Illyria. It stretched from the Drin river in modern Albania to Istria (Slovenia/Croatia) in the north and the Sava river (Bosnia/Croatia) in the east. Its capital was located at Salonae near modern Split in Croatia.
 CZK 1800 / EUR 65
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00564 - "Schlavoniae, Croatiae, Carniae, Istriae, Bosniae, finitimarumque regionum nova descriptio". Copper-engraving by A. Hirsvogel (published by A. Ortelius), ca. 1570. Coloured. With title border at the bottom. 34,5:46 cm (13.6:18.1").
V. d. Broecke Nr. 145.3; Koeman III, Map 7601:31, Ed. 31:051 (1595 Latin).
 CZK 9500 / EUR 340
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15576 - "Sclavonia, Croatia, Bosniacum Dalmatiae parte". Orig. copper-engraving, W. J. Blaeu after G. Mercator's map of the region. Published in Amsterdam by J. Blaeu, 1644. Orig. old colouring. With ornamental title-cartouche, 3 coats-of-arms and a sailing ship. 38:50 cm (15 x 19 3/4 inch.).
Koeman II, map 7601:2A, ed. 2:202-3 (1644-55 Latin). - A map of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Dalmatia and a part of Serbia.
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08262 - "Slavonia Croatia Bosnia. Dalmat.". Orig. copper-engraving from G. Mercator's Atlas Minor. Published in Amsterdam by J. Hondius, with C. Claesz. and Jan Jansz., 1607. With ornamental title-cartouche with the scale of map ("Milliaria Italica"). 14,5:18 cm (5 3/4 x 7 inch.).
Koeman III, map 7601:351, ed. 351:01 (1607 Atlas Minor) - A miniature map of the western Balkan region.
 CZK 2400 / EUR 96
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